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¬†Health and Safety, Customer Service…even an Oven Cleaning mini-course

Train your cleaners and track their progress

See in real time, how your staff are progressing with their course, and who needs help (or a reminder to start!)

Detailed and digestible courses written by cleaning industry experts

  • We have run our own cleaning businesses for decades
  • We identified the areas where training was needed the most
  • We tested and use the courses in our own businesses

Grow and develop your staff using the technology they already use!

Everyone is on mobile phones now, with most cleaning companies having time tracking phone apps already, so we made sure our courses work on phones easily, so your staff can start using them intuitively.

Fun & Easy to follow

Logically designed so staff don’t feel confused when using a new software…we know how hard introducing new technology can be


Setting deadlines plus self-learning enables staff to log in and progress when they have time to, plus you know who isn’t keeping up

Super Affordable

Priced to feel like a compliment to your business, not a burden (we know how expensive software can feel!)

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