How Learn Cleaning works for Employers

Technology for Peace of mind

We know how challenging technology can be for some people, and how many more will resist change: we’ve been through those challenges ourselves. 

That’s why we tested it again and again on the new hires from our cleaning company to ensure cleaners could easily use it, and ACTUALLY used it!


Online courses

All of our courses are online and designed to be engaging (not just pages of paper to sign). They focus on actually teaching cleaners information, and test at the end of each course with a quiz to check


Personal Learning

Every learner gets their own personal learning space, where they can track their progress and download their certificated… and you, as the company have access to all of this too in order to track their learning too!

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Joseph Edwards

Founder of Learn Cleaning

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Elspeth Humm

Client Manager

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Lhei Von Doom

Support Manager

How Does It work?

You sign up as a company, add your cleaners, and they'll automatically be issued the courses you want them to complete.

Our system will promt them to set up and start learning.

You sit back and track their progress through the client portal to make sure they are learning at the pace you need them to.

Feel free to add mini-courses (like oven cleaning refresher course) when you find out a specific cleaner needs that little bit of extra training.

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